Footpath Riding

Victoria is falling behind. We want it to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and confident to ride a bike wherever they want to go.

Our road networks are largely designed for the movement of cars and trucks

Allowing footpath riding is an easy, cost free way to get more people riding to school, work, the shops and other short trips.  It makes riding more appealing.

By allowing people who may be less confident to ride on the footpath, we create a connected network where the existing lane, path or infrastructure is not practical to use or non-existent.

It means that children, regardless of their age, can get to where they want to go without having to ride on the road.

Allowing footpath riding has the potential to enable a huge increase in the demographic willing to use a bike for transport.

How it would work

Anyone should be able to ride on a footpath wherever they are going.

In reality, most people will only ride on the footpath when they aren’t comfortable or confident because the road, existing bike lane or path poses a risk.

Locally, there could be “no go” areas to fine tune where there is heavy pedestrian traffic.

Worldwide, and even in most Australian states and territories, all ages footpath riding is allowed.  It is a proven and effective way to get more people riding.  Potential downside is generally overstated.

Riding on the footpath is not a substitute for separated infrastructure but it’s a good start that makes it easier for more people to ride.