Victorian Cycling Campaign

Tired of State Governments that do almost nothing to make cycling safe and attractive for all Victorians?

Tired of anti-bicycle laws and comments like “We’ll be having none of that nonsense” from Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, when asked about VicRoad’s plan for safe bikelanes in St Kilda Road?

This Victorian Election, cycling groups and have come together to let voters know this government has failed on cycling.

St Kilda Road, a dooring and injury hot-spot could be a safe route in and out of the City. Vicroads has proposed safe, protected bike lanes. The government refuses to build them and suppressed the Vicroads report. Read The Age report.

Update on St Kilda Rd: A pre-election promise has been made to build the St Kilda Rd lanes. Our campaign is already bearing fruit, and the Government got a bounce in the polls with the announcement, as shown by Bike Melbourne‘s polling.

Sydney Road, another dooring hot spot saw the death of Alberto Paulon in 2015. A plan to make Sydney Road safer, with wider footpaths, disabled access tram stops and protected bike lanes has been hammered out and now all parties agree – Sydney Rd traders, Moreland Council, VicRoads, Yarra Trams, RACV, Bicycle Network.  But Daniel Andrews won’t let it happen.

New South Wales and Victoria have the highest fines in the world for trivial offences, such as not having a bell, riding on the footpath or not wearing a helmet. These are simply anti-cycling laws. Why penalise people who are improving their health and saving the community money?

How will we influence the election?

We will focus on the lower house seat of Brunswick which includes Sydney Road where the ALP government refuses to allow the community’s plan to happen. Our campaign will be “Vote Bike” and will list the failures of the current government. We recommend a vote for Catherine Deveny, a local cyclist who is standing for the Reason Party.

What will we achieve?

We will demonstrate that safe streets is an issue that can swing an election. By supporting Catherine Deveny to win a substantial number of votes, you can send a strong message to the Government that cycling is an issue they cannot ignore any longer. Whatever your preference for the final winner of the state seat of Brunswick, vote for Catherine Deveny and put your preferred representative second so your vote can work twice. Once for cycling and again for your preferred candidate.

What will we do?

We aim to phone or doorknock as many households in the electorate of Brunswick as possible. Every bit of help you can give will increase our effectiveness and help to convince all political parties that Vote Bike can’t be ignored.

We will register a how to vote card and staff pre-polling and also voting centres on election day.

Volunteer to help the campaign via our contact form.

Apply to join our discussion group on Google Groups.